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Our Retail Ready Standard

To be considered Retail Ready all vehicles offered for sale must meet or exceed the following criteria as determined by the Fleet manager:
  • No abnormal internal engine noise, the transmission shifts smoothly with no unusual noises or slippage, and the drive axles operate with no unusual noises. Any minor issue must be verified by 2 techs for reliability.
  • There should be no coolant leaks and any lubricant leakage or severe weepage, as ultimately determined by the fleet manage, shall be corrected. Any coolant leak should be repaired.
    • Seepage is a thin residue normally associated with regular use.
    • Weepage is a thicker residue and may show signs of running and an accumulation of dirt, it should not create an accumulation on the ground where the vehicle is regularly parked or smoking when the vehicle is driven. Weepage may require repair and should be verified by Fleet Manager.
    • Leakage is any leak which may cause fluid levels to fall, result in an accumulation on the ground where the vehicle is regularly parked or smoke when the vehicle is drive. These should always be repaired.
  • Rotors are checked for proper thickness and run-out. Pads and shoes must exceed 50% remaining service life. If the brakes at either the front or rear are found to have less than 50% of their service life, then new pads or shoes are installed and the rotors or drums are turned or replaced. The emergency brake is also tested and serviced as needed. Caliper should operate freely and show no signs of leaks. Wheel cylinders should not show signs of leaking. All hard brake lines should be checked for corrosion and rubber line should not be dry rotten. All shoes should be properly adjusted.
  • The exhaust should not have leaks and be secure with hangers in place.
  • Motor mounts should be secure and functioning properly.
  • Hub bearings should be tight, free and quiet Grease seals shall be clean and not leaking.
  • The air conditioning system is inspected and tested. In order to pass inspection, air temperature at the vents and must be a minimum of 30 degrees below ambient as measured at the vent with sufficient time to cool the interior and engine having been operated about idle to permit proper pressures to be attained. Heater core is connected and heat is functional. Front defrost systems are functional. All vents and blend doors function.
  • The battery, starter and charging system are tested using a computerize tester and must be fully functional. In addition, the battery cables are inspected for defects and terminals are free of corrosion are tight. The results of battery and charging system are recorded on the UCI worksheet.
  • All belts are inspected for wear and proper tension. Worn, excessively cracked, squaeeking or frayed belts are replaced. Tensioners should not vibrate; pulleys should not be damaged with good bearings and no noise.
  • Fluids are checked, replaced or topped off as needed. Specifically motor oil and filter are changed. Brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, windshield washer fluid are checked and topped off as needed. Any fluid found to be at a low level should prompt a thorough inspection for leaks or related issues. All fluid levels and / or fluid changes are recorded on the Technician UCI Worksheet.
  • The cooling system is to be pressure tested and a block check performed.
  • Windshield wipers are checked for wear and replaced as needed. Windshield washer is tested and serviced as needed. The standard test shall be the 3 swipe rule where the wipers clear the glass of washer fluid in three swipes.
  • Paint and body issues that are deemed by the General Sales Manager to be a hindrance in the sales process are repaired. If in the opinion of the Fleet Manager, the cost of these repairs could affect the financial feasibility of reconditioning, an estimate for repairs is required before any work begins.
  • All exterior front rear and parking lights, interior dome and courtesy lights as well as turn and hazard signals have been tested and are functioning. The results are recorded on the Technician UCI Worksheet.
  • No service lights are illuminated in the instrument cluster. If one is found the issue is to be fully resolved and all codes noted on UCI sheet for future reference.
  • The radio, CD player and speakers are tested and function in stereo.
  • All power accessories have been tested and operate as intended. These include:
    • Power windows
    • Fuel filler door
    • Power locks
    • Power seats
    • Cruise control
    • Temperature controls
    • Windshield wipers and washers
    • Sunroof
    • Ignition cylinder
    • Trunk actuators may be ignored if trunk function switch a key.
  • There are no abnormal noises from the suspension beyond normal wear, bumps, squeaks and rattles. Control arm bushings, ball joints, steering parts, struts & mounts, steering shaft couplers and sway bars shall not be excessively worn.
  • All tires have a minimum of7/32 of tread depth. Tire pressure is checked, adjusted as needed and recorded on the inspection form. Car should drive strait without tire vibration and steering wheel straight.
  • The spare tire is checked for proper inflation and the jack/tools are in place.
  • All body panels are secure and in place.
  • GPS devices are installed, tested and updated in both AMS and Goldstar.
  • Both the interior and exterior have been cleaned and detailed. Any excessive wear to the seats and carpets are repaired including cigarette burns, rips, tears and leather surface cracks and abrasions.
  • Any offensive interior odors are treated and neutralized.
  • There is at least five gallons or a quarter tank of fuel (whichever is less) is in the tank before arriving at detail.
  • There are at two sets of keys (both tagged). One staying with the vehicle and the other placed in the inventory file and noted as such in ASM.
  • A completely filled out stocking decal is placed in the upper driver’s side corner of the windshield.
  • The window sticker, As Is Form, license plate frame, oval First Coast decal, year sticker and certified sticker are all in place.
  • It is the responsibility of all sales staff to start each vehicle weekly and move it biweekly to insure the battery remains charged, fluids are circulated, tires are rotated and vehicle is retail ready.
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