First Coast Auto Sales - About Us

We have the most professional, experience and well trained Staff

  • Neat organized work areas
  • Professional Appearance (Uniforms)
  • Clearly defined, consistent sales process with educated/certified sales professionals
  • One hour delivery
  • Printed sales materials and signage
  • Consistent Customer follow-up regimen

Not only do we offer a wider verity of vehicles to choose from but our vehicles have all passed our rigorous certification process and are warranted

  • We stock all types of vehicles cars, trucks, suvs, commercial vehicles, imports, luxury, sports cars
  • All cars pass a rigorous certification and reconditioning process are clean and ready to go.
  • We provide our customers with a report showing the reconditioning preformed and an auto check report
  • Every car comes with a written warranty
  • Our team of 5 buyers and special relationships allow us to source vehicles before they go to auction

Our primary focus is to help you establish or reestablish your good credit rating

  • We did not become the oldest locally owned auto finance company by making people loans they cannot afford
  • We use a proprietary budgeting system to ensure you get a car within your budget
  • We are in the relationship business, because we never sell our loans. This means our customers always know who they are dealing with by name.
  • When you deal with us your credit is only pulled once versus other dealers who use the shotgun approach
  • We reward our customers by reporting their credit to all of the credit reporting agencies monthly
  • We have a system that allows you to use your good payment history to upgrade your ride sooner than other finance companies
  • By using the latest technologies available, we can approve customers most others reject
  • We have trained professionals who help our customers navigate third party issues related to their vehicles, such as insurance claims

We keep our customers on the road by having the largest most fully equipped service departments staffed by certified technicians.

  • Our staff are certified and have experience in all types of auto repair from oil change to engine replacement.
  • We maintain a hot line and website where you can get you car related questions answered fast, before there is a problem
  • We keep up with the latest computer technology so those pesky lights on the dash board won’t be a worry.
  • Our maintenance program coupled with your warranty helps ensure trouble free motoring
  • By having our own facility we are one of the very few who certify our cars before they are put on the lot

As the largest locally owned auto finance operation, our customers benefit from knowing who they are dealing with on a personal level.

  • Customer experience is enhanced by dealing with a familiar face, who has the benefit of knowing your personal history
  • Our customers benefit from always being able to address issues face to face with a person empowered to solve the issue on the spot.
  • Because we are local citizens, we strive to be responsible citizens by giving back to our community.
  • We will always deliver prompt, honest, polite, professional service.
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